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Helium Mining Sweden 🧿

What is Helium?


Helium is a project to expand "The Peoples Network". A decentralized wireless network of radio signals with a range of several kilometers, much longer than a traditional Wi-Fi router.

This is powered by Helium blockchain, through a simple device called Hotspot located in your home or office you help expand the coverage and in turn you get reward in HNT Tokens which is a cryptocurrency.

Order Hotspot Miner

To start mining HNT Tokens and help expand the network, a Helium Hotspot is required.
There are now 35 hotspot manufacturers approved by Helium, including Nebra, RAK Wireless, MNTD, Bobcat, Kerlink, Syncrobit, LongAP, Cal-Chip, FreedomFi, SenseCAP, Linxdot, ClodPi, Pisces, Cotx X3, Controllino and Heltec. More are on the way after they have been approved by Helium. program.

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MNTD Goldspot

MNTD Goldspot Hotspot


Linxdot Hotspot


Controllino Hotspot

Panther X

Panther X Hotspot

Cotx X3

Cotx X3 Hotspot

RAK Wireless

Helium Mining Rak Hotspot

MNTD Blackspot

MNTD Blackspot Hotspot


Pycom hotspot

Hexa mustard sap

GoHexa Senscap M1


Syncrobit white Hotspot


Nebra Hotspot


LongAP Hotspot


Bobcat Hotspot

SenseCAP M1

Mustard sap hotspot

SyncroBit SP

Syncrobit SP Hotspot

Nebra UK

Nebra Hotspot


RisingHF mines


MerryIoT miner


Kerlink Hotspot


ClodPi BGC-Fi

Clodpi Hotspot

Pisces P100

Pisces Hotspot


Heltec Hotspot


Dragino lps8 Hotspot


Freedomfi Hotspot

Order Antennas & Accessories

For those of you who want to improve your miner's coverage with an upgraded outdoor antenna, secure it with lightning protection or get a longer cable to better position your antenna.
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HNT Antennas

hnt antennas accessories


Glamos Walker Kit


shaving accessories


amazon accessories

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Explore with Helium Explorer

Invest in HNT Token

Do you want to participate in helium project development while you wait for a Hotspot? Maybe you don't have a place to install one at the moment? No problem, because the opportunity to invest in the HNT asset you do not need to mine but it is also officially listed on several crypto exchanges.

Suggested with Crypto.com the app (get 25$ worth of crypto with our code), where you can open an account for free, trade the Helium currency HNT and also exchange to fiat or to other crypto assets. The possibility of staking, a way to unlock coins for rewards is also available. More info about this you can read here.

The easiest way to store your HNT is in the Helium app for IOS or Android. You can create an account for free and you can also transfer to friends & family directly in the app. Be very careful to save the 12 words generated when creating the login.
Another secure way to manage your HNTs is through a Ledger wallet. With the Helium Ledger Wallet, you can send and receive transactions. A Ledger Nano X or S should be compatible, more on how it works can be found at Helium Docs.

Important to remember, crypto disposal is something you declare in K4 or T2 form when mining. Koinly has a good guide for 2022 that you can read here on how to do it. If you want to avoid the hassle of looking up all the transactions, you can create an account and link your crypto loan book to get a completed report that follows the Swedish Tax Agency's guidelines.

Happy Helium Mining! 😀

Today's Helium (HNT) graf in Swedish SEK.